In February 2016, AstraZeneca made a multibillion-dollar investment in Acerta Pharma for 55% ownership, driven by the lead Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK) inhibitor, acalabrutinib and the opportunity to build out its hematology/oncology pipeline. AstraZeneca holds the option to purchase the remainder of Acerta Pharma and complete a full acquisition.

Acerta Pharma’s discovery and research teams, which focus on developing new molecular entities, are based in Oss, The Netherlands. The group there was responsible for the discovery of acalabrutinib. Our largest site, which includes clinical operations, medical science, regulatory, safety, compliance, biostatistics, medical affairs and US administration is located in South San Francisco, CA.

The acalabrutinib program includes multiple clinical trials for both monotherapy and in combination with other targeted molecules. Over 200 employees are engaged in the development of acalabrutinib and other pipeline compounds for hematologic malignancies.

Plans to expand the oncology program include testing other targeted compounds in combination with acalabrutinib in a variety of blood-based oncology indications.

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Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer – AstraZeneca Plc

Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer – AstraZeneca Plc

Chief Executive Officer

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Acerta Pharma thanks its founders for their efforts, sacrifices and dedication to bringing acalabrutinib to patients.

Acerta Pharma Founders
Acerta Pharma Founders

Ahmed Hamdy, MD


Allard Kaptein, PhD


Raquel Izumi, PhD

Clinical Operations

Tjeerd Barf, PhD


Francisco Salva

Finance & Operations